1/4th Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry.War Diary, 1915 to 1919



War Diary

war diary 1/4th oxford and bucks li

1/4th Oxford and bucks light infantry, world war 1

4981/201746 Christopher Green
France 1916.

Died of Wounds
8th August 1917.

1/4th Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 1915 to 1919.

British Army War Diaries were handwritten or typed documents providing a daily account of the activities of British Army units on active service. This was a British Army Field Service Regulation dating from 1907. Sometimes the War Diary was designated as an Intelligence Summary.

It was the responsibility of the commander of every military unit – from the level of a battalion to a division – to ensure that the War Diary was kept up to date. It was to be written up each evening by a specific junior officer and usually signed off by a senior officer or the commanding officer.

These transcripts (PDF's) of the War Diaries for the 1/4th Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, provide a day to day historical account of the Battalions activities on the Western Front from April 1915 until November 1917, and then in Italy until March 1919.

The original War Diaries (WO95) are kept at the National Archive at Kew. The referance numbers for 1/4th Oxford and Bucks L.I are WO95/2764 (France and Belgium) and WO95/4251 (Italy). They are also available at ancestry.co.uk.

Additional material from the War Diary of 145 Infantry Brigade (WO95/2760 and 2761), where it applies to 1/4th Oxford and Bucks has been added to the transcripts in blue. The Brigade War Diary contains many of the Operation Orders and some maps which are missing from the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks War Diary.

Some images are Crown Copyright. Other images Licensed under Creative Common Attribution-Non Commercial 2.5 License from the Digital Archive, @ McMaster University.

A searchable database of the Roll of Honour, and "Others" who served in the 1/4th Oxford and Bucks during the Great War is available on this site, also a Trench gazetter and database of Trench maps that are available on-line.

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